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We are a neighborhood elementary serving students, families & community on the West Side of Santa Cruz.  We offer a rigorous and enriching student journey from TK to 5th grade, providing high expectations, comprehensive supports and a unique culture of connection, cooperation and belonging.


Open to all kids Turning 5 Sept. 2nd 2024 - June 2, 2025


Open to all kids Turning 5 by September 1st 2024!



Office will be closed June 10th-June 21st 


Thursdays 6/13, 6/20, 6/27 office hours will 10:00am-2:00pm 


June 24th-June 28th by appointment only call Elisa at 831-205-1360


Enrollment questions? 

email Ari Olmedo at

831-429-3878 voicemail.


If need immediate assistance call District Office at 831-429-3410


Why Choose Westlake?

Upcoming Events

Student Features:

Hear from young musicians about what it is like to perform alongside Middle & High School students (at the Santa Cruz High game)!

A Science Fair does more than foster curiosity and allow students to gain experience with the scientific process. It is an opportunity to collaborate, develop organizational and public speaking skills, meet real working scientists, and share interests with their community.

We are here to empower

Westlake welcomes our students and our families into a unique community of encouragement, partnership and support.


Our learners are rigorously pushed to their highest potential of excellence with a diverse curriculum and unique enrichment opportunities. We support students with a system dynamic instruction that combines classroom work, small groups and on-on-one attention.

We are here to push, to encourage, to teach and to help students become themselves. That means supporting and engaging with families as well, and building a place to belong together.


A glance at campus:


"Our kid loves school. He is always so excited to come back!

Stephanie Mccormick

"School is fun for everyone!

Tessa Kraushaar 

"We have the most caring and compassionate teacher that I have met. She cares deeply about her students and advocates for them all. Her passion for education is evident in every interaction with her students.

Westlake Parent

Holiday Parade 3.webp

school offers more

We have the deepest roots in our Santa Cruz community, the most experienced teachers, the most student supports, the most mental health supports, the most partnerships with local resources and opportunities.

As our students move into the secondary, we have the most college prep courses, the most career paths, the ​most extracurriculars, the most leadership opportunities.

We have the most diversity, the most community and the most history. We have the most help for those who need it, the most challenges for those who excel.

And you, like all, are welcome.

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