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We are committed
to Student Success.

All of our work is coordinated for the success of each, whole student: to foster development and academic excellence, and to provide support, challenges and encouragement in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Our team of educators, support experts and invested champions ensure Gault students are thriving and headed to great heights.

We offer students:


Academic Rigor

Students deserve high expectations. Our model pushes students to the peak of their potential by relying on a collaborative education team that includes the classroom teacher and specialist support educators called RTI Coordinators provide tailored instruction for all types of learners, and every stage of development.

Tireless Support

Students deserve to be known and heard. At Westlake, our students are supported by a dedicated, licensed counselor to provide guidance and developmental support. Along with a Positive Behavior Intervention team on campus, our counselor helps make sure all learners are supported with what they need to grow and progress.

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Expression & Enrichment

Students deserve play. At Westlake, we have dedicated art, music, dance & gardening programs that empower student exploration & creativity. We offer robust After School activities and creative courses to ensure students aren't just learning curriculum, but learning about themselves.

Community Roots

Students deserve connection. Westlake is deeply invested in our neighborhood, from public events to the work of our PTA and ELAC teams, Westlake works to be a meeting place where neighbors meet neighbors and build community.

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