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Welcome to Westlake!

We will build a safe, caring community that fosters respect, values diverse cultures and languages, practices life skills, and engages in social and environmental service to the community. Through an articulated, integrated, school-wide arts and science program, based on direct experience, we will guide students in discovering the joy and excitement of developing their voices through self-expression.


Through a meaningful and developmentally appropriate curriculum, we will ensure all students experience continuous growth in academic skills in order to become complex thinkers, collaborative learners and clear communicators. This mission is accomplished through excellence in teaching and through partnership with parents and our community.

Westlake thrives on the community that is created by the parents and families that immerse themselves in the school, it’s truly what makes this school so special.

We're so glad you're here!

Our success is community-built. Join in! To get involved, see the Westlake Parent Teacher Association!

Join in!

Student Success starts at Home.

So, we do too. We're committed to helping our families thrive. This means access to:

  • Our school and district leadership

  • Health resources (medical, dental & mental), to housing and food resources

  • Easy contact with local support organizations


It means that help is always here at Westlake for those who need it.

Need help?

Family Leadership

Families inform the direction and the culture of Westlake Elementary School. By serving on Site Council or Bond Site Council, you can help ensure our school reflects the priorities and needs of its community.

Site Council

The Westlake Elementary School Site Council is comprised of parents, teachers, staff members and administration.  The council meets monthly to discuss school needs.  As a governing body, the council is responsible for the annual approval of the Single Plan for Student Achievement and the Safe School Plan. 


Site council members are elected by their constituents and serve two year terms.  Vacancies are announced in the spring and elections are held each fall at the beginning of the school year.  Meetings are posted on the school calendar and agendas are posted in the library windows prior to each meeting.

Site Bond Committee

Facilities Bonds are the only way Westlake can secure dedicated funds to build, repair, modernize and revitalize our campus.

Since these Bonds are investments from our community, we ensure our families and community has a voice in how they are used. 


If you are interested in serving on the Site Bond Committee, to provide input in our ongoing Facilities work, contact the front office!


Need Something Else? Reach out!

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