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Why choose Westlake?

Welcome to the start of a great adventure. At Westlake, we give all learners a path to their greatest potential with creative instruction, hands-on learning and tireless, varied support.


Every child
is known.

Starting in school with a 1:10 student/teacher ratio or better, we're proud to know every student: their strengths, their needs, their hopes and their favorite color.

School is more than learning: it's safety, it's understanding, it's belonging.

Learning is 

Westlake students learn in practice: in the garden and in the band; with the brush and with the ball; in the kitchen, in the library on the stage.

Whether it's learning the building blocks of software coding or the chemical reactions of cooking, Westlake students get to learn by doing.

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Instruction is customized.

All children don't learn all things the same way. 

At Westlake, we offer dynamic instruction to students: learning as a class, in small groups, and even one-on-one---according to each child's needs, learning preferences and developmental progress.

Westlake utilizes Response to Intervention (RTI) Coordinators: experienced teachers who support every classroom by designing supports around every student. These educators coordinate space for like-learners to learn together every day, while helping to build flexible plans in the classroom to keep learners of all kinds on a path to their highest potential.

Every whole child is supported.

Development at Westlake goes beyond curriculum. Students come to Westlake to discover themselves—their capacity, their hopes, their limits and their means of exceeding limits.

So we support the whole child. Every student has access to our licensed counselor, who not only offers mental health check-ins with every student every year, but also works with all teachers and our Positive Behavior team to ensure we're supporting the mental, social and emotional health of everyone at Westlake.

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All are 

As a public school, Westlake is built on the belief that not only are all welcome, they are vitalthat a diversity of perspectives and experiences drives broader and faster development for all students.​

Developing minds need variety; they need each other. When a class isn't curated, students can develop an unrestricted understanding of humanity, and greater connection to their community and society.

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